Magia Sexualis

                    י / Adenine (C5H5N5)

A rumour in search of a father
to dishonour, lift my name from his
lips before my magic manifests
into existence more than this tongue’s
potential can manage or handle
once actualized, in the viscous
aftermath of an orgasm charging

          sigils with an exasperated

essence, its energy a symbol
of my wishes solidified in
the blinding gnosis of climax, light
opening one’s third eye as its high
binds it tight, implants on the mind of
the Universe, as receptive as
it is perceptive, wicked pictures

          translated quick to living, vivid

images of what I envision
happening, then it does, every
thing in cinematic sequence, just as
imagined, quick as lightning, such an
injustice that so much of the daft
populace no longer remembers
the precise meaning of anima

                    ה / Cytosine (C4H5N3O)

mundi or how to do better than
simply having to make do with vague,
unintentional, accidental,
circumstantial attempts at proving
th’inexplicable efficacy
of magia sexualis, fiends
ignorant of its primal premise,

          and its power, this is the planets’

original technology, wet
with seven supernal potencies
available to any working’s
practitioner versed in heavenly
bodies, no worse than any lustlorn
luminary pervert unafraid,
unashamed, to work with their own, taste

          of the fragrance of blossoms not yet

formed, comfortable as they come, porn
addicts whose worst habits cannot be
broken, only capitalized on,
brazen as the next degenerate
in offering up what falls from his
hands instead of shaking it off, now
recall how innovative Atum

                    ו / Guanine (C5H5N5O)

created Creation from nothing,
rubbing one out into the Nile, god
clothed only in the mist of his own
breath, sweating bullets in the desert’s
nascent scorch, hot at the thought, squatting
alone on a primordial mound
of earth, no one else around to judge

          touching himself as filthy, as if

we were born to do this ever since
then, since heaven emerged from the cloud
of his consciousness the way our own
humanity did, a fist’s big bang
spraying beings built from the same four
elements that constitute the famed
constellations, from which all life is

          formed, purposed with the same task, to put

into the world’s corpus what was not
there before, not only birthed from it
having been done before by someone
so influential, definitive,
as the first divinity to have
an erection, this ithyphallic
#influencer, worshipped before there

                    ה / Thymine (C5H6N2O2)

was religion, but to make from black
absence what fills it when accomplished,
to void emptiness with what changes
the game, loosening in the world what
modesty chains, what garners engagement
with mind-blowing ideas bigger
than their reactions, ask Hermes, who,

          whether he is impersonating

Mercury or Thoth, blessing the moon
with sunlit brilliance its face’s disk
reflects, explains the aim is to think,
not only believe, Egypt’s obscene
secret for which your five fingers are
but keys, rings being open-minded
rewards those who seek wisdom where none

          would ever think to find some, inside

of them, true sayings engraved in light,
swimming in the infinite the decked-
out magician’s hidden lemniscate
designates, the figure-eight which pours
forth and holds as an hourglass does, sands
of distant time waiting on you to
comprehend the force filling your hands.