A House the Colour of Money

The easiest way to assimilate
a conquered culture is not to
eradicate its belief systems, but
link them by analogy to
the dominating system. It’s much more
effectual to control a
populace if you show up in its home
territory and tell them your
gods are just the same as their own but with

different names. Syncretism is
how the ancients changed the game of changing
civilizations the way banks
do foreign currencies, converting them
into equivalent units,
values to better fit political
interests, taking on as new,
shinier armour the beliefs of more
marginalized peoples which, if

they survive, find themselves languishing like
slaves under the shadow of their
masters’ imperial wings. As in Rome,
we still are doing these same things.
Only now, the symbol being bowed down
to is a dollar sign, not quite
what it was Constantine envisioned, but
the same exact principle, its
aim is to always be winning against

individuals, exacting
its vitriol’s venomous and bitter
sting (after all, shaped like a snake,
it is an S pierced by swords, designed to
make you buy lies instead of think;
remember that the serpent in the first
garden tempted Eve with wisdom
she then imparted to open-minded
Adam…) by making us need their

œconomies of hate fear stimulates,
forcing us to work, to need, for
otherwise essential things. Truth’s wealth hides
behind this gate, in a house the
colour of money where true power is
measured in how much of this you
can take before giving in to waiting
no longer to find another
letter than $ on which to meditate.