The crucifix is just a reduction
sigil designed by him to assist god
in manifesting his wish for us all
to cross him the wrong way just once again
and see what we get, yes, chaos magic
persists and misquoting scripture is how

it happens, permutation changes how
on earth, as in the heavens, true magic
returns to the left hand what’s right again,
returns dividends when a reduction
in income demands new investments, all
done by collapsing words to letters god

makes more sense of when turned to symbols god
recognizes better than language, all
things, after all, are just shapes reduction
recreates by making simpler just how
much he wants what we want when we again
perform, and stop rehearsing, our magic

he imparted to us before magic
was a term of art, let’s begin again
what Adam started when he asked Eve how
to become like one, before angels god
sent fell for telling them all, reduction
is Austin Osman Spare’s testament all

trailblazing hell-raisers know by heart, all
undo-it-yourself using reduction
to unglue the firmament like a god
as if you were its boss and the magic
of the Universe yours to channel, how
everything is energy again,

ever since mysticism got cool again,
everyone a shaman now and how
miserable are men who call magic
a sham, a trick, a game, not knowing all
they say will shame them hard when they play god
and end up getting played, some reduction

in ignorance worth more when reduction
transforms tools’ abusive words to tools all
the more powerful used to work magic.