Avra K’Davra (I Create as I Speak)

          A Performative Theology—

Now go, and I will be with you as you speak and will instruct you what to say. […]And take with you this rod, with which you shall perform the signs.
          —Ex 4:12, 171

                    i. Drink from My Mouth

Shut the sky, that no rain may
fall during the days of my
prophesying, striking as
I am your mind with my wand
that flowers, in the eyes of
my making what I take in
satisfies what I envision,
savours to the fulfillment
of completion what creation
serves me to seek as a means
for sating my need to always
be creating, foregoing
hesitation without trepidation,
saying what I think without
forsaking the one who made
me in the beginning which
my tongue is imitating

as I make him come into
being, my own Adam, to
perform what we both eventually
believe in, this deafening
existence we defy continuing
to thrive in so hostile an
environment, in spite of
society’s perpetual
lying to us we fight with
never putting up with what
is unjust, contented living
the Selves we mythologize
from the dust we kick up, desirous
of pretending to be nothing
else but legends, magicians
with faith in no one but in
uniting below with above,

taking from the chaos of
its troubled elements enough
energy to embellish
our breath with garments of flesh
we stitch together with explicit
kisses, an electric patchwork
of ruinous flickers we
live in together, heaven-
sent lightning stripping from our
leather its innocence of
feathers, humanizing the
angelic, transferring heat
the way seed drops from a tree,
fruit trampled under fugitive
feet, filling the earth with words
we birth and leave knowing after
our working the future will

read its portents from the wind
we breathe now, perceiving in
what we bring forth what survives
timelessly, names of things which
cannot be seen, not with one’s
eyes, what speaks in the liminal,
in between, exists as much
in the warmth of one’s palms as
in the mouth of another,
there is no better teacher
than experience, you are
what you are after, how you
come to greet the master, the
keeper of the secret, does
not matter, in the seeking
you must not cease until you
find the meaning of these beings

                    ii. Understand What Is Hidden

of which you are the most refined
attempt at love being defined
in matter in the belly
of the beast, but clay does indeed
shatter, you are only a
vessel, which is why you must
master having control over
encountering what you cannot
control, only enter into
agreement with, contracting
spirit and meter in the
æther as if poetry
were either easy or a
disease, a frenzy which takes
over those for whom verses
are more than show, this much I
know, and know to be true: in

the splitting of wood and the
lifting of stones a voice emerges
that a scene’s continuity
might flow unimpeded, from
the thinking of thought to an
action’s doing, growing into
fullness of presence life’s essence
of which language is an essential
method at bringing its flourish
into practice, manifestation,
of course, I create as I
speak, careful not to become
what I eat, the way the lion
of one’s desire takes on the
costume of him who succumbs
to its hunger and is consumed,
this truth I impart to you,

my son, as Jonathan gifted
David what legacy Solomon
inherited, the art of
this phrase’s vibrated saying
Abramelin intoned for
Abraham after his tour
of the desert before his
return home to Worms, building
with letters that temple where
intention is an incense
the heart burns, offering on
its altar what alters the
world, such is the power of
knowing such powerful words,
this I pour forth, from my lips
to yours, whisper it when miracles
you wish to perform and well.

1“Exodus”, [Chapter] 4[, Verses] 12 and 17, in “Torah: The Five Books of Moses: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy” of TANAKH: A New Translation of The Holy Scriptures: According to the Traditional Hebrew Text: Torah, Nevi’im, Kethuvim, published at Philadelphia by The Jewish Publication Society in 1985; page 89.