Privy to a Prayer

Wool steels an opening here, with wiry fingers
pulls down chrome under layers, abrasive pants
of effort, discretion’s attempt, strenuous
as its fluffer’s tongue damages, rubs against,
the cotton candy enamelled innocence
this lamb’s artist of a shepherd frosted him

with, rough stubbled scratching kisses licking him,
vigorous indecisiveness innocence
is, swallowed seed becoming the grain against
the blond itch of which the earth’s filthy fingers
twitch, the angst of its rub oh so strenuous,
no less argumentative than leather pants

ever getting off again, and how he pants
when going about such things gets strenuous,
how all ears hear what whispers drip from fingers
heavy with such thick prayers that his lamb lets him
pet him even if such tough love is against
everything sacred, begging innocence

pardons men in moments when one’s innocence
is lost in the struggle a hand has against
a mouth’s resistance, the sin is within him
who most seeks to cleanse his students, learn from pants
what exertions of the whys teaches fingers
broken in being benevolent, strenuous

is the struggle, after all, strenuous
is its reward’s burden for all whose fingers
paw over fauns to hold in cold pores what pants
warm with dew distilled from some youth’s innocence,
no matter how penitent, it eludes him
how much amoral fabulists cause, against

a public’s bitter judgment authors against
pursuit of something higher aspire to him,
the cost of an education innocence
misspent on adorning ornaments strenuous
scrubbing with censorship lessens with pants
more lascivious than, when desired, fingers

rubbing the wrong way this gaudy lamp fingers
of flame resent, untangles the strenuous
attempt of parents to preserve innocence.