To Walk the Disaster’s Length

Geometry is the behaviour of vibration, energy wandering like
an itinerant preacher with no congregation, drawn on by
dragon currents along the sacred roads of Hermes, how
readily I attract and repulse, to learn to discipline
and harness this is my next step, to manifest

positive things, hold in my mind’s eye that sagacious
precept expounded by Al-Kindi in his sagest treatise on
occult optics of which Dee’s was an inheritance, that
mage’s Propædeumata a continuance of this wisdom’s tradition, to
learn to harness the power of rays, to realize

what I envision I reflect, that I am what
I attract, to depict and manifest not only an
ideal lover, but to project and sustain what success
such an exercise of my will aims to accomplish,
to cultivate lasting love for others as well, to

give without counting its cost ultimate peace which pierces
my heart, her silence is radiant and all-encompassing, queen
of the sciences whose theology bends to meet every
one of my many needs, to lay low under
your fading halo and lay out what we cannot

measure, that geometry of our journey is your pleasure
which never ends, delighting in teaching me a lesson
whenever I walk the disaster’s length and contemplate what
the alchemists meant when they debated the benefits of
a damaged soul’s transmutation into something greater than gold.