The Black Obelisk

// You speak as though what you think
is new but everything you say
is nothing more than
the contents of an index
of what was written
long before the accident occurred
by which you were born, //

                                         // how or why you survived
                                         your abortions is uncertain,
                                         an entire generation awash in
                                         insignificance, indigent and indignant,
                                         the excrement of society writhing
                                         in the shit of what your parents have eaten,
                                         exiled east of meaning for having none, //

// since whenever you speak
the world hears nothing, vacuous
and vapid, idiots wasting a corpus
the Internet raped of its purpose,
sparks flying upward and away from
what expurgated version of life
you downloaded, pirated lies you troubled //

                                         // your virtual wallets to purchase
                                         and prize with all the pride of children
                                         hoarding trinkets which are worthless,
                                         filling your empty little heads with
                                         hollower promises instead of minds,
                                         plastic skulls and liquid crystal-encrusted
                                         iBones Apple installed for the small price //

// of your soul, inside of which
our world’s future problems nest,
incubating and getting some rest, beta-testing
before the crowd sources their surfacing
to greet civilization’s end, holes to hide in
plain sight internal processors whose one
function is to BUY! BUY! BUY! //

                                         // a shallow grave opening its mouth
                                         to swallow confidence before it can brave
                                         other human beings face-to-face
                                         and foster the kind of real-time/in-real-life
                                         experience which blossoms into True Self-Knowledge™,
                                         before it can crawl out of those throats
                                         custom-fitted for your standard-issue fingers //

// caressing tonsils with flickering digits
reiterating the rhetoric every one
of you has been regurgitating since,
that all of you are victims, that myth
defiling the atmosphere’s collapsing æther,
poisoning all-the-more collective
consciousness with your epidemic //

                                         // of manufactured weakness,
                                         the Universe is underwhelmed
                                         and troubled by the boredom
                                         of you boors the lightning of wit
                                         cannot bring itself to bear, postliterate
                                         junior alcoholics and whores-in-training,
                                         your lips burning from Baby’s First Cigarettes™, //

// cutting your teeth on corporate rations,
bonuses, giveaways, or hand-outs, it makes no
difference, indentured Capitalists
spoon-fed focus group-tested narratives,
bred to consume and to submit,
come to me when you have written
one new truth to disprove all the old //

                                         // falsehoods, when you have one
                                         conclusion that you actually came up with,
                                         having, of course, no concept of Self
                                         or life-experience, you fools, some of you
                                         famous though none for any reason,
                                         you fear the power of books you refuse
                                         to open, deny what cannot be proven, //

//smart enough to run the machines,
too stupid to ask why you are chained
to them, out of your depth, some
relationships are better conducted
through correspondence, despondent tools
texting gibberish, co-dependent pieces-of-shit
who cannot fix the glitch which is //

                                         // for everyone else an affliction,
                                         your existence a flaw, a waste of time,
                                         space, and money, unworthy of anyone’s
                                         memory, throwing off the continuum
                                         physicists cautioned against bending to the whims
                                         of the ignorant, truly, there is no cure for dumb
                                         or ugly, stupidity subsists on its own futility. //