Hymn to Anacreon

Every straight guy should have a man’s tongue in his mouth at least once.

                    i. Convivial

Dispense with the expense of discretion
and pour down this throat of mine that roar of
yours you cloud with frowns, repurpose this myth
into the shape of something I can work
with, an imagination with a long
tail fire itself cannot resist as pits
fill with your spit, groves of fragrant growth and
grottoes overtaken with night’s shadow
collecting at twilight that dew heaven
sends whenever any other’s manna
won’t do—when the fat of the girth’s flow glows
too iridescent to impress men for
whom self-expression is the key to their
prisons from which your tongue releases them,

                    ii. Amatory

whose forsaking eyes paint impious such
blindness, making more opaque the silent
truth of your translucent rites—see through them
and speak through me instead, give me just once
just a taste of your touch, with your mouth trace
in me my veins from flesh above, for just
one night call up that wine two lips plump as
grapes press into blushing cheeks, make of me
your revelry, make me come in time with
your song, sing through eternity what we
had to hide for so long, amatory
verses denied recital for fear their
rehearsal might result in practices
the sacred abandon for the profane.

1Madonna, interviewed by Don Shewey in “The Gospel According to St. Madonna” of The Advocate: The National Gay and Lesbian Newsmagazine: Issue 577, published at Los Angeles by Liberation Publications, Inc. on May 21, 1991; page 41.