The mouth of your cup had all the receptivity
of infinity, a winking galaxy smiling

at me, licking the rim you made of my love a sweet
delicacy, tripping on its honesty you slipped

past thick spectres of the others and effortlessly
you entered me, into my life you sauntered, asking

what I suffered, accepting what pain my crying’s cold
solace offered, Mercury making loud the sign of

silence, of boundaries and those who cross them you said
nothing, watching by night, stalking my thoughts as thunder

does lightning, taking my hand, reminding me words are
lies and nothing is anything, that there is no need

to say something, to speak instead through omens & seeming
coincidences, we defied crippling criticism

and deified our Selves, the dripping glance of lion-
throated fate’s roaring good fortune frightening as some-

one else dying for our sins instead of us, no less
enlightening than deathless gods arriving in time

to climb the heights of night skies and shower new life on
silent players beguiling our love’s live audience.