In Deutero

Me moving on & you showing up
digs from rock’s bottom what we chucked
out after letting go, threw up
under rubble the rebels know
hides more than hearts broken by love

devil’s claws three crucifixion
nails and a scandal of dust hell
summons as we wonder if this
song is enough for us to move
on, this dirge an anthem our end

thirsts to perform, an uncertain
sort of warning we run from or
toward, until our boots fill with
blood we mistake for the sweat of
insatiable haste, taking from

our playing of this game all its
rush laying waste to what we made
between two worlds in deutero
as if we hang on one cross, our
backs to each other, facing death

from the north and the south, above
and below this, mysterious
energies coursing through us, fire
no copper can afford to wind
us in, electric sin our end’s

own brand of lightning, heaven’s drums
pounding thunder clouds envision
as the sky’s own understanding
of how we fell down, a storm of
sound drowning our silence as if

saying nothing were itself some
new kind of hit, this deafening
mess we buried what marries us
to our death, what two-in-one grave
chorus the kids sing along with.