Awakened by a Great Wisdom

     We can stand between them
powers we have not seen before
     showing our shadows who
is boss making something awful
     fall into darkness once
and for all, never again will
     we have to crawl through night
wondering when or if light’s face
     might touch its hand’s bright warmth
to ours again, pale thin fingers
     of candles that only
go out as dawn’s riders approach.


Endless rage pities midnight’s bell
     alone, waiting like glass
behind smoke to break for it, crash
     back into peace again
until mourning lifts its veil and
     makes whole those who have failed
love, pieces of them enough to
     take from others all of
their jealousy, fate’s enemies
     thunder feels no remorse
banging, the ones demons wait for
     when death’s debt p(r)ays no more.