Breakfast at the Brothel

                                                                                From Chalexmusic [sic] on 03/12/03:
                                                                                                    do u [sic] watch/read/make porn?

                                                                                Answered by MM on 03/13/03:


                                        That’s impossible, my angel.
                                                            I’ve never fucked a cunt in all my life!
                                                                                                    —De Sade2

In the hall, downing another
dram of ale from the barrel, I
sight a scandal of hands as it
crawls under every crease in
his jeans, the lounge singer in wing-

          tips and a three-piece, fingertips
          witnessing the bending of the
          knee, the devouring of raw flesh

during abstinence, a feast of
exhaustive agreement meeting
in genuflection, the kissing
of his ring & the very blessèd
sacrament, all collide in the

          perfect tide culminating just
          before the ending, oozing a
          collusion of thick froth, milking

over its ritual reminds
all that this is not breakfast at
the brothel, every devout
heretic in attendance here,
seeking like missiles the crowd’s hot

          dropping of pants, suspicious of
          packages, ‘We shared a woman,
          then’ one more bare-chested and svelte,

unrepentant supplicant I
overhear confessing now to
another, wondering at its
etiquette, asking my Self, ‘Am
I overdressed for this event‽’

1Marilyn Manson, online interaction with a fan identified as Chalexmusic, responding to a question submitted through “The Oracle”, a now-defunct message board once available on the artist’s official website,, March 12–13, 2003; answered question/submission 41 of 262. Archived and transcribed in various locations on the Internet and retrievable through several fan-operated websites as of 2018.
2Marquis de Sade, “Fifth Dialogue”, Dolmancé to Eugénie, in Philosophy in the Boudoir or, The Immoral Mentors: Translated from the French by Joachim Neugroschel: Introduction by Francine du Plessix Gray, published at New York by Penguin Books in 2006; page 100.