A Month-by-Mouth Journey

                    To Mark—a Scorpio(n)
                                        known for eating his own tail—an
                    ouroboros whose kiss
                                        epitomizes sex and death—


October 23rd–November 1st
♇ · Serpens· Knowledge

Oct. 23rd

                    We never got closer than two
                                        people get close in bed

Oct. 24th

                    a long-suffering friend as far
                                        as to the altars, ‘don’t

Oct. 25th

                    be seduced, be inspired—’ you’d said
                                        martyrs who live well fill

Oct. 26th

                    their boots with its prize before sun-
                                        rise runs down stiletto

Oct. 27th

                    hills, landslides innocence into
                                        kisses/bends promises

Oct. 28th

                    into promiscuity, and
                                        beads of light sweat into

Oct. 29th

                    wider breadths dawn’s hands whose fingers
                                        tiptoe over heads and

Oct. 30th

                    torment those men who wear them like
                                        crowns, accomplishments of

Oct. 31st

                    empty ornamental helmets
                                        daybreak fists from them as

Nov. 1st

                    clowns do laughs, prowling throats for signs
                                        and sounds, evidence that


November 2nd–November 11th
♆ · Lupus· Offering

Nov. 2nd

                    someone is listening, or had
                                        been, since one glance’s theft

Nov. 3rd

                    of another’s breath silences
                                        with a cough what makes life’s

Nov. 4th

                    rising and falling, its rhythm
                                        of (c)rippling tides and waves

Nov. 5th

                    of wishes denied fulfillment
                                        worth riding, against chests

Nov. 6th

                    pressing our ears, treasuring more
                                        than the luxury of

Nov. 7th

                    going a year without winter
                                        the wealth of knowing for

Nov. 8th

                    sure, beneath white-outs of shoulders
                                        dropped below drifts of flesh

Nov. 9th

                    no one else’s lips can catch, no
                                        doubts questions can test or

Nov. 10th

                    second-guess, two hearts resist for
                                        one moment the whole world’s

Nov. 11th

                    efforts to crush us, protesting
                                        its injustice with meat


November 12th–November 21st
☽ · Aquila · Flight

Nov. 12th

                    whose every beat reaches each
                                        our surfaces even

Nov. 13th

                    as we sleep, stripping from our myths
                                        edges and shadows we

Nov. 14th

                    cling to and keep, excuses knees
                                        and wrists wrap themselves in

Nov. 15th

                    lest they go limp before we can
                                        resist temptation’s fruit

Nov. 16th

                    choke on its thorns, and bleed through wounds
                                        of mouths no one wants to

Nov. 17th

                    own up to, knowing a closed mind’s
                                        like a knife, biting dogs

Nov. 18th

                    until they fight what no tongue can
                                        master: how to pronounce

Nov. 19th

                    sentence against this thing we let
                                        our appetites create

Nov. 20th

                    ‘we could both be executed’
                                        you’d warned me from the start

Nov. 21st

                    before parting, embarking on
                                        a month-by-mouth journey.