Bawdy Gods


Stop interrupting me
while I’m interrupting you
let’s fuck like we’re lovers, not husbands

put down your weapon
and listen when I sharpen
my quill with a knife pulled

from your back, pointing my pen
with balls where others
settle for subtlety

let us begin again, led by lead’s
promise of precious wealth
of true transformation

if we’d just stop meddling with
forces we don’t understand
and stop lying, stop denying


our death and accept
there’s no transcendence left
in this world, before or after

we crack its shell and wreck
this package we call comfort
selling back to its author

the turmoil his work
caused creation to spoil
our time here, this sentence we milked

as if living’s prison
had a key and its legend
wasn’t even marked on the map

let’s not fall like the planets
did into that same trap
let’s not let language fail us


with its unrefined print of moonlit
phrases turned into conditions we contract
like a pretend disease no one wants but everyone has

let’s call on autumn as we fall
to our knees, not in prayer but daring
blowing the brains out of giving head and finally getting it

testing providence and winning
staring contests against constellations
whose names we can’t pronounce

knowing sunlight has no warmth
abused by his mother but a blues lover
he sends his regrets, forgetting to set his alarm

he rises only when we storm
when, like him, we refuse to conform
to another’s vision


to another’s æsthetic
dictated for us in their heads
the sun, he knows this is the end

throws out his script, tosses it
into the sea’s relentless cesspit where we sink
the lows we go to when nobodies think

they can do anything
swallow us up, singing gospel spoofs
bullet-proof jests no one laughs at

unless or until day breaks
for applause, let’s play our Selves
the way critics prey on bawdy gods

let’s forget differences and balance
our bad debts with worse habits, two
zeroes wearing nothing like none’s the new have.