In the place where tears are measured—

I’ve already committed
adultery with you in
     my heart, having tasted your
          oasis with lustful glance,
          my vagrant eye cast by light’s

defiant lies down to your
shadow’s darkest part, having
     wandered the farthest borders
          of morals broken in my
          mind, chains of flame dragging me

alongside lust’s caravan,
my hands tied to what my heart
     abandoned, following my
          sigh(t) down your pants, my aching
          mouth fluent in illusions,

knowing your shame, tasting of
its wickedness, inhaling
     heavy breaths of its distant
          fragrances before even
          knowing your name, tasting of

your garden’s forbidden and
carnal knowledge before its
     harvest, tongue slithering through
          clouds of brunet(te) musk under
          which is hidden your cavern

my rapture thrusts, I am love’s
worst enemy menacing
     Gethsemane with splintered
          agonies of whispers, your
          silence my hunger’s answer,

my deserts of unuttered
desires faith’s dying fires you
     ignite when heaven relents
          and even angels brave this
          wilderness of Gehenna.