A Curse That Opens Doors (Whatever Wise Men Seek)

Your eyes are empty treasuries
                              charred coals worn hollow by soft tears
                         aglow with alchemical gold
                    hard kisses adorning roses
               with thorns throwing out flames on crowns
          grown cold, whatever wise men seek

too meaningless now when we speak
                              your voice is a corpse crawling out
                         of your mouth, its weakness daring
                    me to desire you entirely
               a curse that opens doors with teeth
          eating me from inside with doubt

don’t kill the sorrow, don’t kill how
                              it knows we carry broken souls
                         how we carry our flamboyance
                    as a warning so don’t mistake
               any of it for cowardice
          put on this earth to stir up shit

to shift this world’s dust just enough
                              to lift its skirts, touch what no one
                         else has and blush to gushing froth
                    that unblemished cunt with this love
               staining us martyrs whose plot licks
          them in those parts we play too dark

no gift like (y)our backbreaking (p)act
                              always putting yourself down so
                         I won’t, explosive aversion
                    encouraging us both to shout
               of how it’s been a long time since
          sexuality questioned me.