Et con.

                                                  Liber 6

                              He wanted to box until dawn
                          but, shaded by night, he ran like
                    a fox with his gloves off, et con.
               until called upon by household
          gods to prove himself and our love,
     of misfortune and my husband
everyone wondering which
     happened to be the better fuck,
          if letting one run me up filled
               my treasury, replenished what
                    misery took of decency,
                         or if any pleasure was at
                              all budgeted when our wealth met?

                    Folio 9

When we bet on eternity
     with open hearts oblivious
          to what nailing each other blind
               instead of kissing with open
                    eyes could have taught us, what we lost
                         long before even married was
                              the one and only key to this
                         coffin our lips have been locked in
                    since secrets buried them, fistfuls
               of filth sharing anything but
          whispers truth listens to, his tongue’s
     perversion paring to splintered
core this town’s talk his plot avows.