Across the Frozen Continent

                    i. Obsequy

Across the frozen continent
     whispers laden with burdens throw
     without remorse fading portents
     over snow tongues of coal below
     will reveal tomorrow, secrets
     winter’s opportunistic wind
     garments and garlands its tempests
     in, making of interception
     drapery enough to conceal
     regrets of its own it rakes for
     embers, missives rumours unseal
     when curiosity burns more
     than commitment to their task, lips
     whose messengers senders trusted.

                    ii. Soliloquy

Enervated by an exchange
     of one heart’s tacit thoughts for swift
     passage across these twisted veins
     where nomads have since found profit
     opened letters mined by members
     of an unwashed public fall torn
     and swirl restless, dust travellers
     stir to paths words traverse forlorn
     these worn tracks passed over by breath
     and laughter now far too often
     lines no pen can be said by death
     to have been inspired, blows softened
     when, out of proportion, these bounds
     thieves break, profaning sacred ground.