The Best of Those Which Are Not Holy Books

Committing to memory with conviction

                    a legacy fragrant with the ink of sweet
     juices, love’s thick fluids binding me to your
     story, conjugal insight into life on

                    the inside, this kind of fruit you need to hook
     to get a bite, society ill-at-ease
     uncertain if surfing its net’s deficient

                    seas of contemptible and downloadable
     fetishes encourages what you nourish
     with subversive seed you plant deep, cancerous

                    and insidious, awful claws transgressing
     every law, digging between lines, reaching
     innocent eyes with sticky webs blinding them

                    spent on pages we all cast aside after
     reading, confessions and anticipation
     spreading thighs as inviting as Ancient Greek

                    coercive thoughts rubbing against my mind with
     indecipherable friction, grunts as if
     discarded gods were denying myth to risk

                    reappearing, spirits released on a vague
     recognizance, contravening each of its
     conditions by speaking dead languages left

                    behind like excess baggage, our pasts dead weight
     not worth salvaging, having survived so rough
     a passage, what point is there in trying to

                    learn its cryptic alphabet, if only to
     rephrase its sentences, life for us is this
     illusion’s illustration editors too

                    conservative censor, no other roles to
     play than convict and journalist, amoral
     and amorous, an amateur arsonist

                    igniting the spark hidden within the heart
     of his amanuensis, describing to
     his lover in detail how he made of his

                    worst critics victims, of their lies kindling, how
     cooking to a crisp those pigs begging to be
     relevant sent him to prison, hiding from

                    public sight, but not silencing, this prophet
     anything but a crook, the misunderstood
     author of his own misfortune: the crime that

writes the best of those which are not holy books.