Theos & Ourgia

                    i. Phylactery

In the days when parchment
          was scarce and sand
          was plentiful, uttering with

          one’s heart what was censured
          by another’s
          mind opened like the scorched pages

          of a forgotten book
          all that for too
          long was kept closed from the cold world.

                    ii. Unspeakable Acts Correctly Performed

As many temptations
          as there are bones
          in the earth, ’got an early start

          learning the dark art of
          stalking my prey
          before eating its hearts, two wor(l)ds

          making of murder god-
          work, tragedy
          a catalyst death’s crevices

          open first, gateway pores
          perfuming with
          sun-scorched force war’s worst performance

          its theatre a whore’s
          oyster crypt where
          opinions and payment options

          split akimbo, her wound
          a shop window
          glazed with the indifference of

          holocaust porcelain
          when licked slick with
          pearls spit like oracles without

          wisdom by faithless but
          persuasive hordes
          imperial tourists trampling

          prayerful herds, swine convinced
          coitus turns flesh
          with alchemical pretension

          to redemptive armour
          once purchased, souls
          impervious to possession

                    iii. Unutterable Symbols Intelligible Only to the Gods

cracking only under
          this life’s pressure
          of existence, demons calling

          themselves pilgrims instead
          smouldering like
          incense, thighs raw and fragrant from

          sin’s invasive f(r)iction
          stationed at each
          of her city’s gates, waiting with

          thirsty tanks, palms pregnant
          with grenades their
          fatigued entrails sweat to dispense

          with, civilization
          ends in harems
          deprived of blind tyrants to please

          Theos and Ourgia
          their names when they
          part, dispensing with calling-cards

          since where storms disperse them
          heavens labour
          thrice-over to hide from men our

          alliance, this mission
          we share witness
          more than enough to one mind’s most

          potent potential, some
          sigils, candles
          and parlour tricks no protection

          against this power myth
          this magic doubt demands exists.