To Meet with Darkness in the Daytime

Palms and fingers twisting like roots escape
     filth and deep earth, tasting its conjuring
     brother and sister dance without regret
     on mother’s grave, holding hands enchanting
     to its manifest appearance burden
                    stripped of its hideous masks, commanding

their shared misery to laugh, commanding
     her soul perform for them how its burden
     was worth suffering, prove that enchanting
     persona was her own attempt, escape
     what moves them, veins and heads filled with regret
                    her memory stains, that this conjuring

will not be in vain, that when conjuring
     dead dreams, she will wake, hear her name, regret
     having been such a bitch, and not escape
     them burying her again, commanding
     pain to rise whence love wilted, enchanting
                    with demon kisses their secret’s burden

by dirty touch to be lifted, burden
     cleansed as their lips brush against enchanting
     innocence with corrosive commanding,
     sweating hands dancing around conjuring
     her eternal misfortune to escape,
                    for one moment, and trace cursive regret

with trembling fingertips tongues wet, regret
     the only thing inhibited, escape
     their prevailing sentiment, conjuring
     imagination to flesh, the burden
     of which is just one pound, its commanding
                    itch pulsing her holes and his, enchanting

both siblings with lust’s dense scent, enchanting
     brother to thrust sister, dusk commanding
     one to fuck the other and unburden
     each other of their mother’s curse, regret
     the most evil force there is, conjuring
                    into existence what isn’t, escape

                                        itself a prison, erasing burden
                    creates one for those who doubt, what regret
                    does is pollute souls whose chains s(k)in escapes.