Feeding the Green Lion

Trading alkahest for amethyst, a heart
     he hid stopped dead as when mercury met lead,
     Cupid’s bullets swifter than Hermes donning
     his Kevlar® vest, wishing that he had before
     being hit, sweating quicksilver his chest bled
     as he lay slain by arranged marriage d(r)owning

     him, his head filling with thoughts of what’s d(r)owning
     both immortals and men alike, night skies bled
     of deities, constellations dimmed before
     sacrificed in a chemical wedding (he)art
     and mind, on earth as in heaven, find d(r)aw(n)ing
     on them, enslaving both realms with chains of lead.

Pain worn like a Saint Christopher medal, lead
     leads him by his neck, waits on him while donning
     a pout, expecting him to carry it, heart
     heavy with regret and swallowed tears d(r)owning
     in their own sorrow, hell he’ll harrow before
     he repents, this soldier whose wounds Christ’s kiss bled,

     opening time’s continuum with sins bled
     like a cyanide capsule bitten before
     conversion’s whispering lips reach his, d(r)owning
     every time he feeds the green lion, lead
     and sulphur igniting new life when a heart
     consumes sunlight, darkness shed by death’s dawning.

Giving men masks, personalities donning
     personæ act aloof when we with bruised hearts,
     victims of his allegèd greatness, fire lead
     spit when wisdom’s not enough for us, what’s bled
     must cost Trismegistus more than (t)rust, d(r)owning
     him in what (t)his legend promises before

     permitting (t)his unrest its respite, before
     letting us perish, Hermes must love, d(r)owning
     in its burning candles’ waxen puddles bled
     of their blush, his heart’s secrets unsealed, dawning
     where dusk buried them, returning it when led
     by affection’s greedy spirit, his stoned heart

     resurrected by kisses once shattered, hearts
     by alchemy’s patented method donning
     cloaks diamonds and daggers can’t hurt if bled.