i. Lock

               Under cracked incandescence, greed’s swinging lanterns
of nude light dancing with ceiling-fanned abandon,
in the brothel where I bought the right to unleash
     my fantasies, a captive part of me caged in
     tiger-jaws of jealousy nursed to my cock’s heart-
     hardened surface a viscous tear of coercive
          currency, a taste of liquid wealth promised to
          be spent on him, spilled if only I would free from
          inhibition this shameless little shot of verse

     detailing how I purchased a slave and to his
     doomed fate’s weeping face found my Self bound, my thirst tamed,
     fettered by depraved submission to his nameless,
          persuasive lips, to them chained, flesh dominant in
          regulating what seemed my come’s unruliest
          emission, its flooding forth broadcasting a force
               controlled solely by his tongue’s tickling, a tidal
               language leaking secrets without speaking, once filled,
               he reveled in his mouth’s revelation of my

                                        ii. Key

               mind’s most salacious of unvoiced passions, slaking
from my sluice what primal movements wrought within brought
about our mutual manumission, each hand
     seeking something different yet releasing what,
     for so long, we had let weaken us, this demand
     of friction dictating our quest, commanding men,
          heaven’s fallen imperatives such as our Selves,
          to labour relentlessly for its fruition,
          Paradise’s exiled gardeners seeding holes

     with low hopes of base expectations, our stymied
     desires growing no higher, our horizons no
     broader than our contempt for society and
          one another, when together our bruised lives both
          realized biting forbidden fruit is more an
          addiction than a crime, that those captivated
               by its blushing pursuit must die twice, freeing lust’s
               unclean spirits before inviting a soul with
               whom to share one’s life, so leaking me, we freed them.