Telemaco (Papà alla puttanesca)

                                        To be enthroned in the gilded-floored homes
of those suburban whores whose scandalous
          riches have apotheosized them, those
          callipygous lords who, for seven years
          on Ogygia (where Ulysses himself
          was exiled), conspire to ride us—let them!

                                        To make like Cæsars and be seized by them,
hands beneath Armani jeans Lust himself
          kneels in, boxer-briefs falling like lost years
          as we lie to them, our ages break homes
          and hearts as lowered digits poke hard those
          holes needing filling, we are scandalous

and shameless, relentless things scandalous
          phrases render nameless, translating those
          relics of ribald desire to fit homes
          where fists rifle pages, bulleting them
          who billet with older men, fighting years
          like soldiers do tears, denying himself

tenderness to relive what he himself
          never did, pleasure such men seek for years,
          hiding desire deep in minds filled by them,
          lachrymose waters made more scandalous
          by fathers weeping over daughters, homes
          colder without sons’ mouths to succour those

tired bones nymphs’ hands never clutch, islands those
          patriarchs call us to dig up, jeweled homes
          to be had if we’d just do scandalous
          things: call him Dad as he touches himself,
          thank his friends when generous, fucking them
          senseless for fat allowances, for years

until Nature greets us with mature years,
          deeming us useless, so let’s service them
          as if each fiend were heaven’s king himself,
          leading on these Zeus-bearded bears with those
          delicious charms only youth’s scandalous
          warmth can bring to glacial, palatial homes—

                                        yes, libertines, let us fever these homes
                    with mythic soul-kisses to make blush those
                    beasts more rapacious than Hades himself.