The Hole Is Where the Heart Is

The road
it takes a life
to follow

      aglow with virgin snow

           goes on and on through
           worlds no one knows

           goes on and on through
           woods full of stones

      dropped to lead us home

and in those
storms it’s all
we can allow

      when doubt falls, throws down

curtains of dusk
sent to silence
and blind us

      but life cares for itself, unjust

           goes on and on through
           would-haves, should-haves

      and if it could, life would let us

live forever,
so if ever it holds us
back, remember life

      and how its wounds transcend what

           goes on and on through
           bad loves, bad habits,

      and if we understood this, life would grant us

permission to fail
pouring into them
salt to savour where

      men have dared and many died of

           those moments, as if meant to
           show how fleeting time is

      and remind us the hole is where the heart is.