Live and Let Go

I can’t forget
and I’ll never forgive
it’s what Anthony said

I let you in
and you’re better than this
it’s what every guy does

Why can’t we let
it go and live?
it’s what I want

Is it what we want?

I have no regrets
and it’ll never get
better than what it is

I was of the opinion
and belief you were the one
it’s a myth we all believe in

Why is love like a desert?
it goes on and on
its temptation is never

Enough, or is it what—

Is it what we want?

I once followed its
rhythm to its source
and I found someone

I thought would miss
me when I had gone
and I was someone

When is what we
suffer made sweet?
when isn’t it an illusion?

Is it what we want?

Enough of all this; walk on.