Back on the Horse

There’s somethin’ genocidal ’bout love
how it consumes, killing us with hunger
as if devourin’ our hearts wasn’t enough

               Do you dare to do this damage?
                             Are you sure you can handle it?

Back on the horse, ’hopped up, but we’re not
high enough to spot danger; blot out our
passion if we’ve angered what we thought was trust

Take down passin’ billboards sayin’ what
we ought not, but pray we’ve got all the stuff
souls need when what we’re needin’s too hot to touch

Heroes in the desert, drivin’ up
a dried river’s dirtied arm, we’re after
gold, but lovin’s led us back to old hazards

Ready to burn now, born into sparks
like we’re trouble bred in the bone, heavy
with heresy, stoned and alone; ’can’t bear the

Tragedy of goin’ home empty-
headed, not knowin’ where two men can go
when they’ve sold themselves to the company of

Pleasure split into cyclones; spinnin’
down into threads of minds ripped from good heads
where can we turn once our sinnin’s given in?

Is it possible excess itself
has limits? If this is all there is, it’s
the damage I’m livin’ for, I’m addicted