Heart’s bounding like a hare
     If you go, I’m going, too
     It’s an art, letting go
Our ending d(r)i(v)es up there
     In your old cabin that you
     Inherited when young
Not old enough to care
     It’s all that’s left, once our home
     In mountain wilderness
But once is better, I’ll
     Admit, better way up there
     Back where we let it all
Get serious with this
     Relentless, “Give me a call
     When I’m out in Denver”
Your discretion never
     Let us share what autumn
     Tumbled falls we’d leave when
You got called back to her
     Wife and kids in your picture
     Framed little dears, headlights
Making last night so clear
     Rained all night, into dawn’s bright
     Taking all I’d wanted
Making us have no right
     To feel what happened to be
     So sweet when we opened
Our wounds and each scar seemed
     For a moment to be healed
     The sound of leaping feet
Tears keeping our window
     Clean so that we could see it
     That little hare’s sorrow
Running past, through the field
     Back to forests thick with fear
     But there’s no tomorrow
And you should know nothing
     Scares me anymore, so we’re
     Running for no reason
But you’re gone, I’m leaving
     And if you wanted to hear
     Me sing, you’d be the one