Silent Alarm

Shut your mouth, open your mind;

it’s the thrill of unwilling accomplices complicit in a bank-job line;
expression minted from indecision, faces clocked by hands revealing interim merits missed by fleeting time;
melancholy antics anguishing to climb ladders mediating social measure, until we find a way to weigh our Selves;

twenty-one grams locked inside;
porous choruses crack voices, scratching needlepoint lines;
singing verses freely of how we managed to mine talent from caverns—vapour prised from sighs;

across the ether, autumnal Vatican’ts vacate wire, making sin seem simple as it forces morals into retirement;

early, always, we prey to find what wealth we can before brigades break it—a taking of a living without lives;
eagle speech fleeing freedom borders us in its wings;
alarms screaming feed us alibis as sprinklers weeping cry; foiled, it’s a wrap—miraculous we’re intact;

it’s all an act that we managed to hold up a vault without getting caught;
our loot not ingots but a new currency of thought; working each of us, electric attention shifts like air, as breath returns to our chests and racing hearts rest on souls like chairs;
a tyranny of distance pistons the crowd;

pumping past us in an instant, their attention returns salmon-faced to its own place to drown;
we stay ourselves, climbing down from ambitionless whispers to a sobering sound;
a guide-dog wheezing seizes our needing to try hard;

in the ease of our saving, circumstance greets us with a second chance that tears us all apart.