Innocence Kills

Backhand to her mouth
she doesn’t say much
trying to forget me

Trying to figure out
the sudden fading our Selves
brushed off, not yet free

Bound to liquor
the lion barks at her fit
Why’d it have to come to this?

Stranded in love, strangled
by this gift, the dealer with the
biggest grin hits me

With a hand I’d foreseen
just once (thrice maybe) in dreams
when I was a boy, a teen

On the verge of militant
manhood, sighs seething with
the heedless need

To penetrate hedonism
with my cursèd seed
Why’d it have to come to this?

She screamed, I looked away
playing aloud an ordeal
of uni(n)formed idea(l)s

The whole world is over
sounds the lineup picking out their
hearts, greeting abandon

with one word, four letters
God himself couldn’t afford
The whole world is over

Two steps from what I’ve touched
not enough light to find
the gestures we’d need

To laugh our mess out of its
bottomless gut, our stomachs’
pit digs us into it, we plummet

Blood whites us out with dust
veins stuffed with cremated sands
a thousand miles away from here

Just close enough to where it all ends
we kneel apart, reeling in something
approaching prayerful codependence

I never said I’d survive it, innocence kills
barking like a Cynic down the barrel
let my echo hit you like an anvil