Lives That Outlive Quotation

Sweet honey tickled from my grip
passing through space to experience
time, I am a current swift torn
from heaven—the firmament’s rip;
bracing thighs, outliving quotation:

A scroll of ancient erasures
containing angelic regulations
cannot measure me, cannot
censor the flagrant embrace your
sons’ thin veil of mourning gauze

Gave; raiment taken as a toll of scars
repulsively from the radius of this being; hell,
even reading it cannot begin to bleed them
since your sons’ pale applause
drapes silent dawn with disease

A world laughing like Soviet sculpture
radiating past its consciousness fails
to impart and to salve—it falls apart
when tested as your sons resist culture,
rolling its blown litter into an investment

We style “literature”; turning
loneliness into the purest art—
making less into more—calling in
a debt of columnar inches, burning
humours into future torment

Alchemizing word, glory, vengeance,
girth, and equatorial circumference
into a single knight; resizing opportunity
into a window seat on a chartered flight
we fly—ascending in our race to immunity.