My First of Flames

We met in the dybbuk box of my thoughts
with a lot of demons who were weeping
crystals out to sea

Blind mascots keying their angelic script
into the rift of heaven’s anarchy
meeting viscera

In the delicate seeking every
creature undertakes to create when he
godspeeds cinema

Past its first mover rewinding the reel
inventing morals we kept honouring
ourselves just to see

If he’d splice us from his own memory
as the first flames consumed humanity.
Promethean pale

devouring the sons peopling its pastel
reality just as heavy justice
crashed to tragedy

We held our burn Biblically knowing
that what’s possessed chemically cannot
be assessed by eyes

Or denied its immortal amnesty
because like scattered gems smouldering hearts
bleed their shattered parts

Into the dark artery youth without
youth swims cathartically diving deep
always beneath our

consciousness to breathe.
Sighs thrown from echoes on wings dart serpent
forks into mouths kissing the ear of Eve.