Love Never Silent Took My Blood as Ink

Destiny delivered to my heart’s letterbox—
To its darkest part—a meteoric missive
Xeroxed and dropped from hand above.

Frowning firmaments wept scraps torn from groaning Love;
Each unsigned piece underlined by anonymous
Kindness, timed to arrive where eclipse, with dusk lips,
Confined my wish to unlit clime often enough.

Tarred travesty laid its threadbare road of shingles—
Infamy paved my heart—Truth frayed from the inside
Nearly tore itself apart; its first mending knock
In centuries, this faded letter evaded

Its sentries and obliterated my heart’s lock.
A wind whose remnant breath flew into glass emptied;
Friendship, having no wings, crashed deep into envy—
My heart, picking Peace’s up, (t)read each piece gently.

In my heart’s letterbox, Love never silent took
My blood as ink, my doubt for lips, pressing gently.
I felt its seal break within me.