Only Broken on the Inside

’Must be more to love
than runnin’ around.
Even as you cry, ’won’t let
tears or time slow me down.

’Hate bein’ around people
when I go about town;
’reminds me how alone I am,
wond’rin’ where you are now.

Someone let you down
when you really thought it
would be forever, and now
someone else wants it.

Somehow, wand’rin’
makes us feel wanted;
how proud we should be
hauntin’ the same burial ground.

Only broken on the inside,
hymens un-whine in music boxes
unlocked as I bury you in my palm
lettin’ my fingers walk each line.

Slowly spoken, a washing tide
can’t sanitize a mouth or sate
a mind whose oyster-grey
matters more if you’d stayed.

Only broken on the inside,
like a vertical, blood also rises;
rolling red, my barometer eyes
measure love in hertz, multiplied.

I’m out walkin’, not wishing I’d
went and realized the truth or said
I’d find you; old stones, they
shatter, too; defacing where you laid.