Can’t Die Unless You’ve Lived

Don’t apologize, kids.
The dawn’s down to her ankles
digging her heels into our heads.
Each curried cloud wrinkles
before it sweats heat to relive.

Won’t you all realize this?
The storm’s drawn; a blind
mellow-toning your shades with
frontiers appearing broken.
Illusion’s a vengeful dish.

Dimensions of colour thunder
fourth walls, under which the unjust
wander. Just one, no other;
some dust some lover swept-up in lust
electric-minded, now unclutters.

You’re the tops, don’t quake; slumber.
It’s alright to lie in bed; what evil’s
one more dream to shake from your
head? Don’t fight with the lava of your mind;
what’s sweet still bleeds, take your time.
You can’t die unless you’ve lived.