Jurassic Technology

From several attempts surmised—

When several became seven—

To love anyone, I realized,

I could not love everyone.

Esther and Tamara reprised

My drowning pored in the Jordan.

Borden Collies born in boredom;

Each I loved, my Self I despised.

Hirsuited in soot and white wan;

A perfect storm worn out disguised

The one, unconventual son,

And, eclipsed what light sanitized.

And, what light lost, lust digitized.

And, what sight cost—this cross, board, and

Film—at once shot and fetishized:

Fame thrown to flame with no refund.

Ancient ways, so stained, somehow thrived,

Dooming (t)him to be among none;

Bitten, eschewed automaton

iDeals sighed/shared/sold/publicized…

Tarryin’ antiquarian

Quarries left me taking God-sized

Loads—spitting fury came upon

Me; a hail of worries realized.

The version of me I had guised,

I carved without light—shown at dawn

Let outgrow the niche I incised,

And, swallow me. Shallow pale drawn,

I wished myself well/on thirst thrived.

The Capricorn-boiled transmission

Melted like lies mid-baptism—

Night rate blown on words exorcized.

I tried. My daimon, to outrun,

Reran and we ran, improvised.

We rapped it up, but, were not Donne.

What little package had I prised?

Scandal-spun, what I Hanlon-razed

Was woven between frames and phrased;

Prime time for breaking/excision—

Thus I rent the vault of heaven.