We Are Who We Are

Know we fall each within our segment—we are who we are.

Our tears anoint the feat in ascent—we are who we are.

Beneath each veil-peeling our pores pour ivory onto

The marble floor. Sweet, stinging unguent—we are who we are.

The one with her tress, fragrant-tangled with the scent, orange

Vine-ripened swollen with wet repent—we are who we are.

Myself, a banquetess undevoured, my alms are tabled

And chronicled, vesting the event—we are who we are.

Our sister-substant, falling forth lily-singed saged whispers,

Summons him knowing whence he’s been sent—we are who we are.

And, we weep. The pale of our penitence, our peace, our pall,

Like linen, is by his caress rent—we are who we are.

Lo, Jono! Know this: when you love much, much is forgiven.

Like us, invest your heart’s wealth unspent—we are who we are.