Dear Ebony,

The spiral was yours and mine and I will never forget the nights we wound our way up and down it. You taught me so much about being myself and being a mess. I want to thank you for listening to all of my stories and wiping all of my tears. I wish I could show you the beauty you showed me. No one can wear heels like you. I have always wanted to be yours but friendship has been an amazing substitute for our intense love. I will always wonder what the world would be like if we kissed. When you went away I really appreciated your letters and the chats. Has anyone ever told you how mesmerizing you really are?

I still have all of the artwork you made for me. I respect our quieter lifestyles we live now; together, but still apart. I am so damn proud of you, for teaching me to follow a dream, by following yours. No one can style hair like you. The drugs were our strange bedfellows but at night they never warmed me like you did. Why did you ever take a chance on a fool like me? You have been everything I have always wanted in a girlfriend. I want you to know how beautiful you are. I will always be protective of you and your heart.