Dear Whitney,

You were my Sister and our family back in the day was my most intimate community and our closeness was even greater when the others went away—so why did you never reveal yourself to me? You ridiculed my struggles and you made gossip of my plight. Your nose could not have been higher in the air. What were you hiding? I think you hid everything to cling to the notoriety mystery brings. Your intelligence was not absent but was not impeccable. Your lies became so inconsistent that even the rest of the family refused to return. You made me feel like shit and I always felt more awkward sitting in a room facing you than when anywhere else with anybody else.

You destroyed my trust and made me fear with rabid paranoia the things which once brought me comfort. You were a lost girl, troubled in finding her way back to herself. You were never worthy of my friendship or full disclosure. You presented yourself in such a sickeningly pompous way that I now use your name as a byword for failed persona. Someday, I hope to overcome this anger and bless you with my forgiveness and understanding. You mesmerized and misused me. Your ability to make people feel weaker than you was exceptional. Your insecurity has given me confidence, I can assure you of that.