Dear Tabitha,

You Material Girl, are you still watching movies in a suit? You empowered me to express myself through a lens and through a carefully-plotted little script. Your style was passive and so Zen, I often would wonder how you could control yourself like that. We spent so often debating about whether the music should ever enter or dominate the frame, and that was my little game to brag myself up and get to know you at the same time. You are totally cool and I miss you a lot—why do we have to share the same city but not the same block? Of time, of life, I digress; and I wish we actually got to hear what your canonical favourites were.

I have to take a great absence but I will continue to rate the quality of the dénouement against the context of the film’s date. You should have talked more and listened less, to be honest with you—I must. Why did you skitter so timidly away when others would approach you? What darkness do you hide? I feel we could have been amazing friends and collaborators if only both of us could dance around the awkwardness of it all. Maybe we can meet at work and have another little office chat. I would somehow unravel you and thank you for making me want that.