Dear Anthony,

Why did you abandon me? Our bond is greater than a conversation but your words bring a rationality to the world that we all need. I know you have his love of success but just be careful not to let it consume you. Never be afraid to taste the fire, just do not hold onto the flame—either take it down or spit it out. That way, you will stay dry and not smoulder. Do they pay you well? Is a full schedule worth a broken family to sell?

I know his demise surprised and tortured you as well, in your own way, we all could tell. Why are you silent? You know I have not forgotten the time we curiously explored that sacred boundary and I fear I made it quickly profane. When can we go for a drive together? Do you ever wonder about me? I will always laugh at your jokes and learn the newest crazes with fervour by standing in your doorway. If only we had actually talked over the years, maybe we would be tight now; right now, I need as many pure friends as possible. Does it bother you that I am not very traditional? If you are ever in the city, you should come with me to the park, or cruising down the darkened, empty streets at night, or whatever.