March 16th

Across, across a cross from me

To bear and his bruises to wear,

I have never, never said where

I met him, that shadow, two, three

Years, maybe an eternity,

Younger than me, too young to care.

And his blood still bathes things I wear,

So I taste and smear his debris

To a tolerable degree

And on account, I am aware

That I am savage, so beware.

Jilted once seven ways and he

Made me disagree to agree.

The fox, the otter, the whore/bear:

My only value was my hair.

He used to always yearn for three.

I demand now a guarantee.

I can’t stand to make one more prayer.

Please, Universe, would you soon tear

This appendage–my burden–free?

Now I need an admission fee;

This life-story of mine does blare.

And this life of mine draws your stare,

So devour this atrocity.

I need an exit, bring the key.

I can see an exit right there.

I see J– in his new pair,

Walking closer, so now I’ll flee.

Please, remove March sixteenth from me

And November two-eight lay bare.

Also, July twelfth, to repair

My broken heart and head, you see.

Remove all of the dates that we

Once were so damned dead-prone to share.

Take the encounters and declare

That I am now healthy to be.

Take the concussion and feigned glee,

Take the wounds and constant despair,

Take the stories and walks on air,

Take, take the infidelity.