HQ 447

it begins with a look, a look for a book

the crisp pages stiff like starched linen

and comfort that broils in your heart but won’t overcook

perfumed with the breath of loose women

this is the day you find out how to

and unloosen yourself

just really plough through

and make a bed out of a shelf

the sandwich man may have five fingers for a foot-long

but the library’s got five thinkers that will make you question right and wrong

next is the unfasten, the unzip, the dramatic grip

the suspense is naughty, will you get caught?

let your inhibitions go overseas on an ego trip

you need to unwind, do you not?

some do it fast, some do it slow, some do it better if they’re italian

but you must do it, do it, do it to know

that those chains on her glasses are her code for “I SEEK A STALLION”

quick, conjure a face, you can direct the show

if the pages stick once they will stick twice

now are you pleased with yourself? was reading nice?