Backlit in blacklight, the velvet searchlights

Frame a fool’s caption of statutes,

Each a carnivore sating with gall bites

What uncial meat convolutes.

Sadistic, wet burgundy linguistics

Shame with their gushing the glitter

Of disco pants—retro-futuristics

Worn tightly by counterfeiters.

Wading at the foot, gaping anchorites

Covet the speech spoken by mutes

And clamour like footnotes whose haste to cite

Urges them above the refute.

Within the din, the graved text does transfix—

Each letter better transmitter

Than the pretension of thin politics

Of Gaudytorium sitters.

Ignited wits on praycation dogfight—

Swinging New Jackals in dispute,

Slamming masochists tearing the finite—

And, with them, I, too, involute.