I’m Not Man Enough

I’m not man enough to be yours.
Even when I tried—oh, I tried
Even when you lied—I knew you lied
I’m not a man, not on my tours.

What was it? Did I cost too much?
Was it too much to see the show?
Another breakdown, here you go.
You said I was hot and nonesuch.

But, no, I wasn’t hot enough,
Or, was I too much so for you?
Let’s play a little game of Q
And A before it gets too rough.

Leather like your Little Black Book
Cracking you with its numbered whips.
And, I’ve become your bold eclipse,
Stalking dark, by hook or by crook.

Am I my own shadow or what?
Can we go again? Can we sin?
And, sick though it sounds, you’re my twin.
We’re like dirty films, both uncut.