In Excess, I Knew the Things of the Few

In excess, I knew the things of the few

The filth and guilt you acquire

You know what it’s like only if you’ve lived it

For however long or however brief a period

It perfectly crystallizes the transition

The rebirth of the Self, in a new, indestructible form

That which you give of yourself to another

It’s true only you can change your life

But with love, I think it equally changes you

Love can only present itself of its own accord

I’m not regretting my past but I’m destroying myself

You kill your god and emerge anew as a pure Self

Prepared to complete your transition from Ego to Humility, or Self to Selfless

By giving that new, untarnished Self to one other person, just as I’ve given myself to you

It boils down to everyone arriving at that point in their life where they just have to abandon everything they had known prior, and seek a new existence

This song is the chemical marriage the alchemists spoke of

You’re the best fit to my jagged and broken half

From being attracted to you, to becoming a part of you

A welcome abandonment of your former Self