Thinning to Fade

Everything’s gone

It’s just not here

We’re not here

You were always there

If I could bind

Those sullen wings

You would find

Another reason

To let it die

You think it’s over

It may seem done

I know you have

Another lover

I guess I

Was never the one

Scandalous thoughts

Taint your religious

Dreams, broken hearts

Tease your devoted screams

I let it die

Fucking prick (I never wanted you)

Son of hell (You made me need you)

Troubled woman

Devil’s bitch to (Hate fast too)

Sell (Yourself, you’ll be surprised no one wants you)

I don’t want your

Thirty pieces

Of silver linings

That you left

Under my pillow

(The rain clouds overcast

The shadow of this

Weeping willow)

You are dead to me

But where will you run

When these pages

Just fill up like

Vats of tears

I cried as my

Glare transfixed

A broken volume

When seven became one

Now I’m gone; This is through; All I have left to say

Is fuck you.