The Protector of Men

He is ready to charge

And born in view of Heaven’s eye;

Armed with a sword and fist at his side,

He is born strong, never to die.

Standing triumphant on fields of fury

He worries not about judgement and

Has no need for society’s jury.

The warmth of his eyes is a beacon for the lost.

He seeks no reward,

Delivering us from evil, whatever the cost.

Accommodating the lost and torn,

His open arms are a shelter

Providing hope for the hopeless and worn.

Confidence drips from the curls of his hair.

Talent festoons his fingers,

While his tender words purify the air.

As fierce and as permanent as stone,

He’s sculpted and handsome like a statue,

Above the rest he stands alone.

Looking down and keeping watch

Over his flock, he is both shepherd and master,

Ending sadness and vanquishing agony faster.

Calming storms with just one glare,

The fear in us subsides

Knowing we’re in his care.

Riding a valiant steed named Caring,

He brings joy when life is overbearing.

Our appreciation and love for him is without end.

Our devotion is real and undying,

For he will always be the Protector of Men.