The Fallen Are Transparent

His hair was drenched

Like the hope which was

Drowning in the puddle of his

Quivering heart. Tears slid down

His hollow face, pounding the emotion

Apart; and we laughed, we sighed

Falsifying the truth, forgetting

Our love had died.

Once, he protected men

Delivering them from distant shores

When they were set astray, their

Kind praises as hollow as the zero in ten.

This grade was a symbol of their demise

(Too young to know better, blinded by the wise).

Changing like the winds in spring, soon ready to depart;

The glass has shattered, on this, my transparent heart.

Looking in the mirror and being blinded by what I see,

My devotion planted seeds of deceit and grew a

Rotting tree. We’re apologetic and plastic, my skin is tainted

With doubt and itching to be shed.

Once, we paraded with regal command, but I’ve now

Fallen and it’s possible to see, but impossible to stand.

You twist and squirm deep into my constant thoughts.

The things you do speak louder than that kind, soft whisper my sighing ears caught.

It’ll always be easy to see through this

Even when Faith clouds her support.

Forever, you’ll be in my clear heart.

We’re fallen but transparent,

And never will we be in the dark.