The Back Roominati

i can’t carve a heart when it’s already split apart

a red sea spread like an eagle

i can’t cross because the prospect of freedom is too dark

a bed made illegitimate by indiscriminate people

and, i swear i saw those miracles performed at a wal-mart

your black leather lashes are lashing me with every eye’s apple bite

you were talking really loud about how you need to be in love

and i need to, need to love you in need, if that seems right

you’re so much meaner but even hate is not cruel enough

to bite into my senses and devour my sight

i keep my cool with the back roominati

glittering like cocaine crystal dishes

because they’re so high and trying to shape their body

glittering like the rain if rain were wet  wishes

but when the pants come off i’ll know which one of them shot me